My Story

BACKGROUND STORY: Chelsey Mossburg is a loving wife to Matt Mossburg and wonderful mother to Asher Ethan Mossburg (2 years old). She is the daughter of Lori Martin and older sister to Abigail (18).

On Tuesday May 11th, as Chelsey was pulling out of her neighborhood on her way to pick up Asher,  from daycare, she was hit by a large truck on the driver’s side door.  Chelsey was immediately airlifted to CMC in critical condition. The doctors told the family that Chelsey had suffered multiple injuries, the worst ones being a serious head injury to her brain stem, and a dislocation of her skull from her spine. The brain stem injury itself was both unique and rare, with the doctors not offering much hope for her survival.

The family immediately began praying for Chelsey’s survival and contacted family, friends and church members to pray as well, because there was nothing the doctors could do due to the severity of her injuries.

The first three weeks were touch-and-go, and the family was placed in the impossible situation of eventually being called upon to decide her fate, as Chelsey was relying on life-sustaining equipment. Then the miracles began to happen. On a Sunday morning, the day before the family’s scheduled meeting with the doctors to make a final decision on Chelsey’s fate, Matt, Chelsey’s husband, received a call from the attending nurse telling him  that Chelsey had started breathing on her own.

From that “resurrection” Sunday morning, the family, praising God for his gracious answer to all their prayers, continued to lift her up. Surrounded by incredible, loving family and friends who constantly and fervently prayed for Chelsey’s situation to improve, she began to make gradual progress.  Every time the doctors came back with “bad news” Chelsey would improve. The doctors painted a very bleak picture, from a condition known as “Locked-in-Syndrome” to complete paralysis with permanent reliance on life-sustaining equipment. At every juncture, however, the Great Physician showed everyone who was really in charge of Chelsey’s prognosis.

Chelsey was released from ICU after four weeks, and was transferred to CMC Rehabilitation for six weeks of acute rehab therapy. During those six weeks, Chelsey made tremendous improvement, gaining complete sensation of all body parts and functions, and complete movement in her body.

On July 19th Chelsey was discharged from CMC Rehabilitation and came home! This is truly a miracle from start-to-finish, with even her doctors both awestruck and dumbfounded by both her survival and progress. We not only praise God alone for her miracle, but Chelsey also is personally thankful that God has used her situation to advance the Gospel, glorifying the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

Chelsey is now in outpatient rehabilitation, but is still completely dependent for all her needs. While we continue to believe that God’s healing hand will stay at work and this process will continue to effect people positively for the Gospel, Chelsey and the family have many needs as they transition into their new life following the accident.

The whole family has been such a true example of faith. In such trying times they have been so strong and taken care of things as they have come their way. So, friends of the family have decided to hold a fundraiser to benefit Chelsey and help with the medical expenses, which are astronomical.

Any donations that could be made by individuals or businesses would be greatly appreciated. Any value at all possible will help towards medical bills and equipment that is needed for Chelsey’s full recovery.

Chelsey’s injury was a very rare case. Most people that sustain injuries as she did that day do not survive. We know that God has a plan for Chelsey!!

Thank you for your consideration.

To contribute, visit the donate page.

“Now I want you to know brethren, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel.”

Phillipians 1:12


One Response to My Story

  1. Staci Rishel says:

    I have tears flowing down my face! I have 6 children and the youngest being age 2. I put myself in Chelseys shoes, I love my children and can’t ever imagine this. Just doing her normal thing and is hit and could have been her last day. To know that our AWESOME LORD GOD had a different plan. I pray that she will be able to enjoy her little son and get back to almost what she use to be! I will pass this on. Thoughts and prayers to Chelsey and husband Matt. Matt, stay close to your wife and love her like you never loved her before. Look at Joni Ericksons husband, he has always been there for her. I can’t imagine what you go through,but she can’t help the state she is in, so we pray God gives you the strength to do what you need to do as a husband and father. Christian love to you all!

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