Take a moment today to pray for Chelsey!!!

Please continue to pray for Chelsey!!! She is a true testament of faith!!! She and Matt are a couple on FIRE FOR GOD!!! Let’s take time today to pray for Chelsey and Matt!! As they embark on a journey together!! PUSH!! Pray Until Shes HEALED!! God is good and is being Glorified through this circumstance!!

Pray for Chelsey as she continues to PUSH toward a full recovery!! Pray that God will continue to heal her!!

Pray for Matt as he is Chelsey’s partner through this all!! Pray that God will give him the strengh and wisdom in the months to come!!

Pray for Asher (Chelsey’s son) As he spends time away from his MOMMY that he continues to grow in health and learns to love God the way God loves him!!

Pray for Lori (Chelsey’s Mom) as she is away from her daughter! For strengh and wisdom to know that God loves Chelsey more then she ever could and that He is going to take care of her little girl!

Abigail (Chelseys sister) pray that she will be strenghened as she continues to be a best friend to her sister!

Pray for the rest of Chelsey’s family as they are the best strongest group of people I know that could go through something like this! Chelsey has a great support group of them!!

Continue to pray for people that Chelsey continues to meet! Pray that God will speak through her and soften the hearts of the ones He wants her to minister to! God is sooo good!! Lets pray that His plan takes off!! And we see things come from this circumstance that we never thought possible!!

PUSH Pray Until Shes HEALED!!

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BBQ Fundraising Event

Download the PDF Full Size Brochure

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Chelsey has been successfully transferred from Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill to Shepard Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She arrived there at noon today!

Chelsey has once again experienced the healing hand of God. This time last week Chelsey was very sick and we didnt know what the outcome of her circumstances would be. Although she suffered a severe infection and battled pnemonia she has once again come out on top and stronger. Chelsey is truly a testament of faith.

Now that she has begun to heal from the infection , medical professionals along with her family have decided that the best thing for Chelsey at this time is an acute rehabilitation center. The facility (Shepard Center) that Chelsey and her family have chosen is going to be the best for her and her journey to full recovery.

Shepherd Center is one of the top rehabilitation hospitals in the nation, specializing in medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury or brain injury. Patients at Shepherd Center get more than just medical care; they get an experience that brings healing and hope. Shepherd takes a team approach to rehabilitation. They understand that patients are going through more than just recovery from an injury; they are learning a new way of life.

Chelsey is learning a new way of life. As firm believers we know that Chelsey will be healed! It is so exciting that she has been excepted to this facilty. They will be able to help Chelsey get to where she wants to be and help her physically and emotionally as she embarks on this journey! Please continue to pray for Chelsey as she begins her rehabilitation at Shepard. Please pray that God will give her the strengh that she needs to look to the future as she spends this time away from her family.

Lets Push For Chelsey!!!

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Visit the donate page to make a donation securely through PayPal. Unlike the CaringBridge page, every cent of this donation goes to funding Chelsey’s continued speech, occupational and physical therapy needs.

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Praying Until She’s Healed

For those of you who don’t know, Chelsey Mossburg was in a severe car accident in May. She survived which is a miracle in itself and is now at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, which specializes in the acute care and full rehabilitation of patients with neurotrauma injuries. This site is dedicated to Praying Until She’s Healed.

For the full story, visit the My Story page.

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